IEEE GRSL paper by Ozan Dogan published and downloadable

A recent publication by Ozan Dogan, Faruk Eysal and Paco Lopez-Dekker in IEEE GRSL can now be downloaded from the Resources page on this website. 

Small satellite radar technology is emerging due to its promising mission concept variety. A modern satellite radar system shall be capable of generating not only high resolution and wide swath (HRWS) images but also support many applications like along track (AT) and cross track (XT) synthetic aperture radar (SAR) interferometry. To cover both requirements, a ‘flexible azimuth invariant swarm SAR concept to address the multi-platform configuration’ is proposed with a focus on close formations of small/cube satellites. One application for such a constellation is extracting HRWS images by merging multistatic aliased (under sampled) data that is collected with an appropriate AT and XT displacement. In this work, a method to merge SAR data to recover the Doppler spectrum unambiguously for the non-zero XT baseline case will be explained.