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The NetherLands knowledge network on Radar Instruments and Applications (acronym NL-RIA) allies scientific and knowledge institutes, companies and governmental agencies to strengthen the international position of The Netherlands in the field of small spaceborne microwave remote sensing instruments, missions and applications.
The network is funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) under a program executed by the Netherlands Space Office (NSO).
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Currently 19 institutions participate in NL-RIA. See the list of network partners and their expertises.

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NL-RIA performs low TRL-level research to accomplish its goals. Results of all activities are available to the contributing members through the resources base. The members aim at successful acquisition of projects to raise the TRL-level and strive for capable instruments and missions.
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The need for NL-RIA’s cubesat altimeter constellation

Author: Yuanhao Li. Nowadays spaceborne data from several altimeters (e.g., from Jason-1/2, Cryosat, etc.) can already resolve oceanographic phenomena with sizes in the order of 100 km. However, we cannot observe very well the submeso-scale oceanic features which may derive from smaller-scale eddies and currents. In this view, the observation …