Agenda for NL-RIA workshop 19/02/2020

All NL-­‐RIA network partners are very welcome to participate in this workshop.

to discuss the progress and technological roadmap of our NL-­‐RIA radar altimeter and SAR missions. Focus will be on mission and instrument concepts and roadmap to technological realisation.

Location: ISIS, Motorenweg 23, 2623 CR Delft


10:00 Welcome and overview – Paco Lopez Dekker (TU Delft CiTG)

10:10 Altimeter mission:

10:10 mission concepts – Yuanhao Li (TU Delft CiTG)
10:30 prototype development and payload analysis (Ozan Dogan, TU Delft EWI)
10:50 platform and system requirements – Jian Guo (TU Delft L&R)

11:10 SAR mission:

11:10 mission and payload requirements and analysis – Lorenzo Iannini (TU Delft CiTG)
11:30 platform requirements and analysis (thermal, structural, power, etc.) – Niels Bernving and Bert-­‐Johan Vollmuller (NLR)
11:50 Antennae from drawing to space – Alden Yellowhorse (TU Delft 3ME) and Henk Cruijsen (Airbus D&S)

12:10 Towards operational missions – Eric Bertels (ISIS)

12:30 Technology roadmap: technology and funding

13:00 Lunch

13:30 For those who are interested ISIS offers a short excursion at ISIS